So why start blogging now?

I’ve had a nagging feeling for some time that I really should have a blog – after all, all the cool kids have been doing it for years*. Trouble is, the fact that everyone else is doing it is pretty much the best guarantee that I won’t do something.

Honestly, I’m terrible; if I’m ordering a meal and more than one person orders the thing I was planning to have, I generally won’t order it, even if I really like it.  It’s not single-mindedness; it’s embarrassment.

So why start blogging now? Well, for one thing I actually have something to say.  I’m starting a film club, which will have regular screenings, and I need an easy way to post info about them. But there’s also the fact that I’ve installed WordPress for two of my clients and set them loose on it without any idea of how to actually operate the software. So in a sense this is a training exercise.

Finally, from a non-technical point of view, I’m of the opinion that eating your own dog food is a pretty good way to give credible advice to your customers.  If I’m installing WordPress for customers, and believe that blogs are a good idea, then it’s time to put my money where my mouth is (or should that be the other way round?) and actually do it.

Hopefully, this won’t get too embarrasssing.

* As it happens, I actually coded My World Journal, a travel blogging system, back in 2002, before the term ‘blog’ had any currency outside the geek community.  In fact, even I wasn’t aware of the term when I first started promoting MWJ, calling it “A personal travel website that you can update from anywhere with an internet connection”.  Snappy, eh?

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