How to print one A4 page as two A5 pages in Microsoft Word

It’s a common problem: you have written your article, poster, flyer or handout on an A4 page in MS Word, and you suddenly think to yourself, “I could do with printing two of these per page at A5 size”.

Initial A4 Page

Figure 1: Initial A4 Page

Now, Word has what looks like the perfect option; the ‘Pages per Sheet’ dropdown in the Print dialog box.

Print dialog with 2 pages selected

Figure 2: Print dialog with 2 pages selected

Trouble is, if you pick this option, what you get is this:

Figure 3: A5 page, but only one on A4

Figure 3: A5 page, but only one on A4

No problem, you think, I’ll just choose 2 copies in the print dialog.  Unfortunately, what this gives you is two copies of Figure 3; you don’t get the two A5 copies side by side on one sheet, but instead you get two bits of A4 paper, with the same wasted space on the right.

At this point you probably bite the bullet and copy your A4 page onto another page, so your source document is now two pages long, page two being a duplicate of page one.  This is less than ideal because any subsequent changes will have to be made to both pages, increasing the risk of errors creeping in, and also wasting valuable time.

Figure 4: Two separate A4 pages

Figure 4: Two separate A4 pages

There is a better way! My method uses just one A4 page, so any changes need only be made once. All you need to do, in the Print dialog box, is change the ‘Page Range’ from All to Pages: 1,1. Remember to keep ‘Pages per Sheet’ set to 2.

Figure 5: Print dialog with custom page numbers selected

Figure 5: Print dialog with custom page range selected

VOILA! Your A4 page is now perfectly printed as 2 A5 pages, side by side on a single A4 sheet.

Figure 6: Two A5 copies on a single A4 sheet

Figure 6: Two A5 copies on a single A4 sheet

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  1. I just know that there will come a day when I hit this problem and will be glad that I have ‘bookmarked’ Iain’s very clearly documented solution.

    As ever well thought out and useful material.

  2. Ed Stivala on February 11th, 2009
  3. Thank you. I’ve been searching for this solution for a while. New problem, though, is I have a 200+ page document that I need to print this way. I can only type in around 46 pages. Any thoughts?

  4. Tom Petek on February 26th, 2009
  5. Do you mean that you want to duplicate each page twice on an A4 sheet, and have been typing in ‘1,1,2,2,3,3’ and so on? The only reason I wanted to do this was to avoid wasting paper when printing a single A4 page twice as A5; we then guillotined them to make two A5 flyers.

    If you have more than one page you can simply ignore the ‘1,1’ bit and just set the ‘Pages per sheet’ to 2. This will then print the first and second pages on one A4 sheet, the third and fourth pages on the second A4 sheet, and so on. If you choose multiple copies of the document it will start again after the final page.

    Have I understood you correctly? The only way I can see this being a problem is if you really must print two copies of the first page on the first A4 sheet, and two copies of the second page on the second A4 sheet. I just can’t see why you’d want to do that; if like me, you’re guillotining them it doesn’t matter what order they come in, you just don’t want any wasted paper.

  6. Iain on February 27th, 2009
  7. Thank you so much for such a useful description!! Was getting increasingly frustrated that I couldn’t remember how to do this and every option I tried wasn’t quite right so I thought I’d google it just in case and voila!

  8. Lauren Champs on April 17th, 2009
  9. It’s a pleasure; glad it’s useful to more people than just me :-)

    I know what you mean; having spent ages banging my head against the wall, once I finally worked it out I thought “I must write this down”, hence the blog post.

  10. Iain on April 17th, 2009
  11. So what do you do if you want to print 4up on an A4 sheet?

  12. Chantelle on May 17th, 2009
  13. All you do is pick ‘4 pages per sheet’ and type ‘1,1,1,1’ in the Page Range box.

  14. Iain on May 17th, 2009
  15. Thanks so much! Any ideas on how to do it landscape though?

  16. Christina on June 4th, 2009
  17. This was a wonderful clearly documented guide. I’m really thankful to you.

    Thank you so much

  18. Rizan on July 7th, 2009
  19. Thanks very much for your explanation – it’s been tough trying to find an easy solution to a common problem. Another Word failure!

  20. Thibault on July 22nd, 2009
  21. thanks so much. had tried and exhausted many avenues. was pulling my hair out….so THANKS!!

  22. sharon on July 26th, 2009
  23. Just woooooooooooooowwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww !!!

    thx a lot for simplified explaination …

  24. Ravindra on July 31st, 2009
  25. Oh my goodness, thats brilliant and soooo easy!! I’ve been trying to do it for so long and have asked so many people. Your explanation and use of copying the page made it so much better. Thank you, thank you.

  26. Helen on August 7th, 2009
  27. This is very useful lateral thinking! Saved me hours of experimentation…

    If you want to print landscape A5 pages top to bottom on portrait A4, the solution is slightly different:

    1. go to File | Page Setup

    2. on the ‘Margins’ tab, set the following:
    > Orientation: Portrait
    > Multiple Pages: 2 pages per sheet
    > [if you have more than one section] Apply to: Whole document

    3. on the ‘Paper’ tab, set Paper size to A4

    4. Click OK.

    5. Print with 1,1,2,2,3,3,4,4… in the pages box in the print dialog (as described in the article). You do not need to / cannot set the ‘Pages per sheet’. Just leave it at 1.

    Alternatively, if all this is too much for you, never underestimate the power of brute force: print one page to a sheet, then turn the paper round 180 degrees and run it back through the printer!

  28. Andrew on August 27th, 2009
  29. A handy addition, should you find yourself with an A5 document that needs similar treatment (as opposed to an A4 original). Thanks for contributing!

  30. Iain on August 27th, 2009
  31. Thank you so much for this. I have been trying to do it all afternoon.


  32. Vikki on August 30th, 2009
  33. thank you! but how do you print out 2 different a4 pages?

  34. shanaah on September 1st, 2009
  35. If you have two different A4 pages in the same document, then you don’t have to worry about putting 1,1 in the ‘Pages’ box. You can just leave it as Print All (but remember to still pick 2 Pages in the ‘Pages per sheet’ dropdown list).

  36. Iain on September 1st, 2009
  37. Very usefull! Thanks a lot!

  38. Bart on September 29th, 2009
  39. This is so helpful, thanks. Is it possible to go one step further – I want to print 4 up, ie A6, but I want to print across the long side not the short side. The idea is I print in two columns, and can then fold in the middle to make an A6 folded card . . . rotating doesn’t do it, and I’m stuck – any ideas would be gratefully appreciated! Chris

  40. Chris Wadsworth on November 17th, 2009
  41. I am still confused… I wish to print a book I have written in A5 on an A4 sheet. It would be more efficient if I could print Page one in A5 twice on A4 for a total of 144 sheets then cut in ‘half’ producing two books. My printer a HP 2055d can do duplex at 1.8 seconds per page. However, if I print in A5, I must manually feed for duplex, which takes 9.2 (per side) seconds/sheet.Most unsatisfactory

  42. John Newman on November 18th, 2009
  43. What if I have two different A4 pages, but want to print them both as A5 on an A4 sheet?

  44. Elliot on November 24th, 2009
  45. Then all you need to do is open up the Print dialog as usual (Ctrl-P) and pick ‘2 pages’ in the ‘Pages per sheet’ dropdown. The settings in Figure 2, above, would work perfectly for you.

  46. Iain on November 25th, 2009
  47. Is there a way I can print an A5 booklet where the original, lets say for sake of simplicity runs to 8 A4 pages. I have a duplex printer.
    So the first sheet would have page 1 & 8 on one side, 2 & 7 on the other,
    the second sheet would have 3 & 6 with 4 & 5 on the other side.

  48. John on November 27th, 2009
  49. This is fantastic. I have searched long and hard and wondered how this could be done. These instructions are very well documented and beats some of the more complex instructions of help, found within the product.

  50. Tony Barton on December 11th, 2009
  51. Hi, i did the 2 on a page thing. but its printing all wonky now and small. See, my A4 poster was out of the margins… i click 2 to a page and they are small, wonky and not in the same sorta margin (but for a 2 page)…if u gett me? I just want the a4 poster thing…. with the same margins…. but as 2 to a page. Its really frustrating me…Help??

  52. Tia on December 16th, 2009
  53. Hi Can someone help me,I am trying to do the same(print 2 a5 sheets on 1 a4,but my printer dialog box is different from the one shown.I am trying to print from microsoft word and my dialog box says pages 1 to 1 and it wont let me put in 1,1.Please help

  54. livsdad on January 2nd, 2010
  55. Awesome thanks so much!

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  57. I join with all the thanks and encouragement above. Not only did you solve my immediate problem, which has been tormenting me for months, you’ve given the key to solve many similar layout difficulties. Many many thanks!

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  59. Thank thank you so much for the information,i can’t tell you how much paper i have wasted cutting down to a5. My son my daughter and myself thank you, thank you, thank you.

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  61. This site is now top of my favorites! I have been asked to design a poster on behalf of my Wife for our local Pre-school, which I have done without a problem. I enjoy having a “play” with my new Microsoft Word package and my printer, as it gives me more experience towards hopefully a new career in I.T or similar environment (I’m currently working towards my ECDL). The school has requested a normal A4 poster, and also an A5 plus 4 copies on one A4 sheet. Well thanks to my new knowledge in word processing etc, I thought this would not be a problem. How wrong I was… After trying for several hours and wasting paper and ink attempting to print their other requests, I eventually Googled the problem and stumbled upon this great site. Thank you, thank you thank you. Excellent solutions to what seems at first to be a simple task…….Once again thank you.

  62. Wayne on February 4th, 2010
  63. wow, have been struggling with this for a while, thanks loads!!!

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  65. That’s brilliant! Thanks Iain.

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    it didnt work the first time, but it did the second! Flaming hours of wasted time, ta ta ta ta ta

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  69. Thank you very much! Fab Guide!

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  71. thanks so much for this tip, I’ve been pulling my hair out for over an hour before Googling.

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  73. Thanks for this tip. Saved me a lot of time. :)

  74. Khell on February 28th, 2010
  75. Wow! Thanks soooooo much! You have saved me ages! I was doing my psychology project in A5 format, but then I realised that I have no idea how to print 2 pages on 1 A4 and that I will probably have to cut them out and waste sooo much paper…
    Soooo THANK YOU! :):):)

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  77. Now why can’t you find this in the manual.
    God bless Google, the internet and you.
    Thank you.

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  79. THANK YOU!! Luckily I googled it before wasting my time getting frustrated and I’m very glad I did!! SO simple when you know how!! Again, thank you! :)

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  81. After many wasted pages and following the exact path as laid out which made me LOL when reading I too had success so Thank you, Thank you, Thank you, can you not write the manuals for inserting formulas in excel?

  82. Lisa Jones on March 31st, 2010
  83. Iain, I wanted to print 4up on an A4 sheet and having spent considerable time without success, I was delighted to find your blog on how to do this – pick ‘4 pages per sheet’ and type ‘1,1,1,1′ in the Page Range box.

    Thank you so much for your post on this.

  84. Irvin on April 30th, 2010
  85. Many Thanks. You are a genius!!

  86. Tusker on May 2nd, 2010
  87. Should’ve done this ages ago. Before I got banned from the School Libary for 6 months for printing too many pages.. and ended up throwing them in the bin anyway..
    I’ve got a question.. Do you do the (1,1) thing if you want the two a5 pages on the a4 sheet if you want them to be different..?
    Or do you do (1,2)? Sorry, confused.

  88. Nazan on June 22nd, 2010
  89. If you have two different A4 pages that you’d like to print on a single piece of A4 paper, then you can just choose ‘Print Range: All’ in the Print window. This is exactly the same as doing (1,2).

  90. Iain on June 23rd, 2010
  91. This worked !!!
    Now how do I do the same thing with publisher, the print box does not give you the same options.

  92. on July 6th, 2010
  93. I’m not an expert on Publisher (nor Word, really) but my printer allows me the option of printing ‘2 Pages per sheet’ when I click on the ‘Properties’ button in the Print dialog box. This might work for you, but it’s a printer-specific workaround, so no guarantees…

  94. Iain on July 6th, 2010
  95. This worked, however only when the scaling of paper size was changed from ‘No Scaling’ to ‘A4′.

  96. Oliver on July 18th, 2010
  97. ‘Tis true, works perfectly. Thanks, ’cause I wasted an hour then read this and avoided wasting another one!

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  102. Asanga on August 20th, 2010
  103. Hi do you have any suggestions for printing 3 DL size copies on one A4 page ?? Your tutorial for 2 A5 copies for A4 paper was very helpfull.

  104. Kassy on August 25th, 2010
  105. Sadly not, other than “Don’t use Word”. If you can get hold of Publisher (or a proper DTP program) you’ll probably have more luck with that. Sorry!

  106. Iain on August 30th, 2010
  107. Help I must be the only person who can’t access anything that tells me the sheets per page?
    I have Word 2008 on an apple mac -still trying to figure out how to do it!As my version doesnt look like the one in the pics.Can you assist please?

  108. pam leslie on September 13th, 2010
  109. Ahhah Please dont take any notice of my previous message as I ve just figured out where the sheets per page setting is!Have succeeded in two A5 posters thanks!! Happy bunny…

  110. pam leslie on September 13th, 2010
  111. Thanks very much mate – been trying to work this out for a LONG time. Cheers very much.

  112. Dave McCarthy on September 21st, 2010
  113. Hi, thanks for the tut, really useful. I am trying to print a book with 638 pages using PDF writer. I want to print double sided and 2 pages on 1 side to make a5 when cut. My problem is this: I managed to do the above but only realised that page 1 and 2 could not be on the same side if this was to read like a book- The sequence I need is pages 1 and 3 on one side then pages 4 and 2 on the other side so that when cut page 2 appears on the other side of page 1. Sounds very confusing- probably a very simple solution but not good at this stuff HELP!!

  114. Kay on October 7th, 2010
  115. Thanks very much for sharing this tip. Have spent hours trying to work this out!

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  117. Thank yo so much for this tip I have just used and saved HOURS of time!

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  119. Thanks a lot. Your info save my time. Just wonder how it done…problem solve!

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  121. that’s the solution for portrait, what about landscape? It ends up printing in a6 side by side very annoying.

  122. o2ie on November 20th, 2010
  123. Good lord! I tell you, I was ready for the monumental battle of a lifetime then; you solved my issue in doublequick time! Thank you so much.
    x x x

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  125. Good job. It really helped me.

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  127. Wonderful solution clearly explained. Trees will love you for this.

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  129. Thats great, I wasted long time to fing how to make A5 brozure, now I found it, BIG thanks.

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  135. Well everyone else has already said it but You are brilliant and your blood is worth bottling! (complement in Australia) Saved me so much time and effort.

  136. Catherine Pratten on February 19th, 2011
  137. Haha I love it :) Glad it was useful.

  138. Iain on February 19th, 2011
  139. Could you help me to change a single A4 page (with text on it) into a single A5 page? How do I do this without getting an A5 page on which all the text is skewed and compressed on the A5?

  140. Jack on March 5th, 2011
  141. Fabulous! Why was I never taught this before?! Thank you so very much :)

  142. Yolanda on March 6th, 2011
  143. Hi Jack,

    Isn’t that what you get if you just pick ‘2 Sheets per page’ in the print options? You get your single A4 page shrunk down to A5 size (and half an A4 page of balnk space – see Figure 3 above).

  144. Iain on March 7th, 2011
  145. best solution ever, very easy and straight forward!

  146. mmm on April 3rd, 2011
  147. Hiya, Wondering if you could help, having major problems in Word 2010, when I went to change my initial A4 doc to A5 to print two on one page and follow the instructions above it doesn’t resize my document from A4 to fit onto A5, instead keeping everything A4 size and fitting it onto about 5 A5 sheets by splitting up the text/pictures etc. I managed to get it to print once as per your ‘print screen #3′ above, but this was before I read your instructions as to putting the 1,1 in the pages box, and now cannot get it to go back to resizing the document to A5 again. Have I pressed something and saved it accidentally which means it is not allowing it to resize onto A5, it’s very frustrating!

    Thanks for a really simple, easy to follow set of instructions though :)


  148. Vicky on April 15th, 2011
  149. Thanks so much, I’ve spent hours trying to do this and with your help its finished in just minutes!

  150. Margaret Ramsay on April 30th, 2011
  151. Many thanks for this, it’s going to be a great help. However, I have a question. When I did this, the first flyer (on the left) had a much larger margin than the one on the right. I guess this is something to do with allowing room for the grippers to grip the paper, but I don’t know how to alter this. Do you have any suggestions? Thanks, Sally

  152. Sally Bruce on June 28th, 2011
  153. Hi Sally,

    My only suggestion would be to look at the margins, which are managed in the ‘Page Setup’ screen or ‘Page Layout’ tab (depending on your version of Word).

    Good luck!


  154. Iain on June 28th, 2011
  155. What a star !!
    Thank you VERY much for this ! (good old internet you can find out how to do anything thanks to people like this :-)

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  159. Iain you absolute gem! My problem was exactly as shown in figure 3 and just could not work out why considering I had selected the 2 pages per sheet option. Thank you so much for giving and showing such a simple and clear explanation to a truly frustrating dilemma. Now I just have to make sure I feed the paper back in the right way to print page 2of the flyer :) Many thanks again.

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  179. This is very useful thanks a lot.
    I have also been trying to find A5 paper size on Word 2010 but it does not seem to be present, any ideas on how I can print off my documents onto A5, it does not give me the A5 option at all!!! Very frustrating.

  180. Alan on October 20th, 2011
  181. So you have A5 paper in your printer? I found A5 paper under the Page Layout > Size button. The other place to look is in Print > Preferences.

    Good luck!

  182. Iain on October 20th, 2011
  183. You have saved me printing out 175 sheets of A4, I will book mark this as it is nice to know there is someone out there who knows a bit :-)

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  187. I have an A5 document that I need to print on an A4 piece of card, but it needs to be double sides- what dettings do I use then?

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    Please help!

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  205. I have a file of 8 pages-a4 (16 pages-a5). I did set up to print 2 pages on one page already i.e 16, 1 , 2,15,… Because I want to fold an a4 into a5 so I need to set a sequence specifically. However it works fine for page 3 thru 15. But for “page 16 and 1″ , which is a cover of this small booklet, they were printed on the same side, the left side of a4 and left blank for the right side.
    Pls help me.
    Chutima Kao

  206. Chutima Kao on December 20th, 2011
  207. Hi – really good solution. I have a related problem which someone may be able to help with. I produce a large booklet in Word and send the files to a printer. I have always done it using A4 page sizes but the actual booklet it A5. I realised that the all the margin/font sizes would be halved and so just doubled them up.

    The booklet contains many contributions/adverts from others and as we’ve had confusion on minimum font size the printer has suggested that all the pages are set to A5 (with the correct size fonts etc). This is where it seems to go wrong. I set the Page Size to A5 but only seem to get a correct layout if I also set Pages to “Bookfold”. The pages then look ok on screen but if I try to print they come out (on A4 paper) smaller than A5 and also the Zoom options (used in the solution above) are greyed out. Like all Word problems this is driving me mad !!!

  208. Ian on December 31st, 2011
  209. THANK YOU SOOOO MUCH! I have spent 2 days trying to figure this out after buying a brand new computer and printer and I NEED this feature to do my work. I was getting SOO fustrated and upset and was close to taking my printer back because I didn’t think it could do it!!! Amazing!!!!!!!!!!!!

  210. Collette on January 3rd, 2012
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  213. I was wondering how to do this on Publisher? I have tried and tried and cannot figure it out! The document I am trying to print has been done on a full page A4 and all I want to do is print it off A5 size, 2 per sheet. I have tried to change it under the print settings to 2 per sheet (which Im sure has worked in the past but isn’t now!!!!) What am I doing wrong or missing? Please can you help me?

  214. Annie on January 16th, 2012
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  221. Only just found this website! Anyone familiar with Mac OS 10.5 which is what I am using?
    I have typed a document of several pages of text. I am using a Macbook and therefore initially use font size 16 so as to be able to read what I am typing and then change to size 10 before printing. This can be printed onto A4 sheets without problem. But if I want to use A5 paper the text still thinks it’s heading for A4 and goes off the bottom. What must I do to ensure that it breaks up into A5 chunks? (I have tried specifying A5 wherever I can.)
    I have never needed to do this before It must surely be a simple matter but I have to admit it beats me!.

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  233. Well a lot of thanks are flying about solving this problem, but alas it hasn’t worked for me. I’ve followed the instructions to a letter, the page setup shows that it’s set for 2 pages A5 landscape per A4 portrait but it prints just one page A5 Landscape on the A4 in landscape. I’m using Windows 2010 Printing with a Kodak ESP 7250 is it a particular problem with either system.Hope there’s some help out there.

  234. Dave on March 3rd, 2012
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    THANK YOU!!!

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    I have set all specification as described, but the egde of the second page is cut. so, the left side os all ok, and the right one, no.
    I have printed two diffrent pages (1,2)
    any ideas?

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    Bottom line is that the 2 A5 flyers have different and noticeably misaligned margins.

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  277. Mark, this is my problem and is also driving me mad. I have just tried going into custom margins where if you select 2 pages per sheet and landscape it actually resizes the two pages into A5. The margins print correctly but all the info has to be re-sized to fit the A5 page. But it’s the only solution I have managed to find so far!

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    2. Also PAGES PER SHEET in the Dialogue box only offers even numbers of pages i.e. 2,4,6,8 etc. If I wanted 3 to a page no can do!!! Any ideas on how to do these tasks would be most appreciated.

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    After finishing write ups go to “PAGE LAYOUT’–
    orientation– make it landscape
    then Coloumns- make it two.
    And here it is your solution.

  370. Dr. Lakshya on January 10th, 2015
  371. The problem with this is that you have to duplicate everything in both columns (so if you change anything, you have to change it in two places). However with the method above, you keep your single original, and end up with two perfect copies.

  372. Iain on January 10th, 2015
  373. Just in case anyone’s still interested, I’ve figured out a way that works with MS Publisher. On the drop down that starts with ‘One page per sheet’ choose ‘Side fold, half sheet’ and then set the Pages to ‘1,1’ as you would with Word. This gives you two A5 sized prints on A4; haven’t tried it, but assume that if you choose ‘Side fold, quarter sheet’, and Pages ‘1,1,1,1’, you’d get four prints.

  374. Janet Taylor on February 7th, 2015
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  377. Thank you. I hadn’t needed to do this in Word for a long time and couldn’t recall how so Googled it and rediscovered the solution here. I have the same problem as others in that the margins are different on both sides. I tried changing the left margin which only moved both pages to the left. My simple solution was to print one page on one side and turn the paper around to print the second on the other side thereby keeping exactly the same margins on each. There must be a solution to this. I have the same problem printing from Adobe Reader.

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  406. Theresa on March 24th, 2016
  407. In my version of Adobe Reader DC, the print dialog window has a ‘Pages’ box, and you can select that and type 1,1 in exactly the same way. Hope that helps!

  408. Iain on March 24th, 2016
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    I am trying to make an A5 double sided leaflet I’ve got an A4 size sheet and put it in two columns I’ve just used the left side of the column and changed the margins. Then I’ve done the same on another sheet after that one. I’ve told it to print double sided this works but the only problem is the other side is upside down when printed. Anyone got any solutions? It’s driving me crazy!!

    Thanks x

  420. sarah on July 7th, 2016
  421. Thank you so much for this Iain. It worked perfectly first time, and you’ve most likely saved me lots of wasted time trying to work out how to do it.

    Thank you for sharing & be blessed :)

  422. Marcia Clarke on November 17th, 2016
  423. @Sarah – You may have solved this by now but for the benefit of others looking for a solution.

    In the printer’s option for 2-sided printing, select auto(long-side binding), or the equivalent for your particular model. This should get it the right way up.

  424. Steve on December 1st, 2016
  425. After nearly an hour of frustration, trying to make this work, I finally did by putting 1,1,1,1 in the Page to Print box. Fro whatever reason, 1,1 did not print the way it should.
    This printed two pages each with two copies of the A4 document resized to A5.
    So passing this on to anyone else it might help…

  426. Shelagh on January 14th, 2017
  427. I have a two page A4 document which I print double-sided to make a newsletter. I would like to print it as 2 A5 double-sided newsletter on an A4 sheet of paper, so I can guillotine down the middle to make 2 small newsletters. Can anyone tell me how to do this, as I have been practicing by adapting the suggestions above, but even by requesting flipping on the long edge it is not working :(

  428. Kathryn on January 21st, 2017
  429. If you simply select ‘2 pages per sheet’ your A4 page should have page 1 and 2 on the same side. If you put that same piece of paper back in (flipped over) and do exactly the same thing, you should find that if you guillotine down the middle, page 1 on one side has page 2 on the other. It’s all about how you put the paper back in.

  430. Iain on January 21st, 2017
  431. Oh I see! I thought the double-sided command would flip the page over in the printer. Thanks I’ll give it a try.

  432. Kathryn on January 21st, 2017
  433. Thank you so much! This has just helped me massively.

  434. Amanda on March 20th, 2017

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