Growing in a recession

I know there’s a recession on, and we’re all supposed to be hiding under blankets waiting for it all to be over, but the problem I’ve been facing for the past 6 months is that Prominent Media has been busier than ever. I have a couple of ideas as to why that might be, based on conversations I’ve had with new and existing customers over that period. 

The first thing to acknowledge is that making your website work harder is a pretty inexpensive thing to do, all things considered.  We approach all of our clients with the same question: What do you need?  If we can deliver the perfect solution for hundreds rather than thousands of pounds, we will.  Our overriding mission is to build a long-term trusted partnership with all our clients.

Second, many of the new customers contacting us have been aware for months, or even years, that their website was a weak link in their marketing strategy, but had not got round to fixing it while the work was flowing in. When you sense that things might be about to dry up, it makes you even more sensitive to the things that are hindering you in the marketplace, and for a lot of people their website was a ‘tick in the box’, somewhere between getting business cards printed and placing an ad in the Yellow Pages.  Those sort of sites simply won’t do any longer.

Finally, there is an appreciation that the web is an increasingly large part of people’s lives, that decisions about the quality of your company are made based on the quality of your website, and that a poor website can do real damage to your business.  If your customers are spending more time researching the options, and less time spending their money, where are they doing that research?  Overwhelmingly, they will be checking out the options online, so it is essential that you can compete in that environment.

In amongst all this has been the realisation that we need to be a proactive part of our customers’ web strategy; a trusted partner that they can rely on to guide them through the many possibilities the web offers.  This takes time, something that I was short on in the latter part of 2008, while we grew our customer based and delivered some exceptional websites.

So, the logical conclusion was to hire another developer.  Not just any developer, of course; ideally I’d like to have cloned myself (!) but actually the opportunity arose to hire a better, more experienced developer than me.  I jumped at the chance, and on Monday 19th January 2009 we welcomed the latest member of the team to PM Towers: Derek Sorensen.

Derek has already made himself invaluable, writing back-end code for our two biggest projects, which have to pull in data from a number of different providers and turn them into something sensible.  I’m very excited to have him on board, and to see the difference that a first-class developer can make to a development team.

If you have a business challenge that would benefit from a web based solution, give us a call on 01908 239971; we now have an even bigger development team to help deliver exactly the solution you need.

Monday, February 23rd, 2009 eBusiness

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