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If you’re going to rehash an old argument, at least pick good examples

Hadley Freeman, writing in the Guardian today, tries out a variation on the classic “Isn’t Hollywood misogynistic for pairing older men with younger women?” routine, although she steers clear of the ‘mismatched love interest’ angle – at least for the first two-thirds of the piece. 

This time, she targets onscreen mothers who are in reality only a few years older than the actors playing their sons.  The classic example is Alexander; Angelina Jolie, playing the mother, is just one year older than Colin Farrell, her ‘son’, but others include The Graduate (OK, not his mother exactly) and North by Northwest (strangely overlooked in the article).

However, sadly Hadley sticks a pin in her argument when she cites Back to the Future (Lea Thompson/Michael J Fox) and Forrest Gump (Sally Field/Tom Hanks); two terrible examples.  In both films, the actresses are required to play younger women for a period, during which time their sons (if they have any) are played by children.

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How much does a website cost?

Ed posts a typically thoughtful and balanced meditation on this key question. Turns out our prices are reasonable, by Ed’s reckoning, which is always good to know.

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