Never give up

This made my day.

Russel McPhee, a stroke victim paralysed for 20 years, has been able to walk again after injections of Botox. Apparently, Botox is comonly used to treat the muscle stiffness experienced after a stroke, but usually shortly after the episode, not two decades later.  The difficulty is that Botox relaxes the stiffness, but also the muscle tone, which makes controlling the newly relaxed muscles very difficult.

But here’s the bit that really grabbed me:

Crucially, Mr McPhee had repeatedly, over the years, attempted to get out of his wheelchair and stand on his own.

He was not successful, managing at most a few seconds on his feet before he collapsed.

“Often I would lie on the floor for hours, just hoping that someone might drop by so they could pick me up again,” he said.

Those repeated, heart-breaking attempts to stand built up a core muscle strength on which his doctors and physiotherapists were able to work.

This is a guy who simply refused to give up.  Even though bitter experience, built up over 20 years, must have told him that attempting to stand unaided would lead to failure, that walking was impossible, he never stopped trying. This immense willpower, sheer bloody-mindedness really, meant that when modern medicine came up with the tools to unlock his body, he had the core strength to make the most of it, and finally walk again.

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